paul frank & friends... what a bunch of characters


Julius is like the center of a flower and his friends are the petals. He is the voice of reason, the rock that all of his friends can lean on. He is everyone's friend. Besides being an all-around good guy, he can be anything! Firefighter, doctor, lounge singer, hot dog vendor, burger flipper, pancake maker, lawyer, astronaut, whatever the job calls for, Julius is your man....errr monkey.


The world's smallest giraffe, meet our pal Clancy, he is not sad, just shy. Julius is his tried-and-true friend who is always at his side protecting him. His big brother Cornelius is a full-sized teenage giraffe who would rather be surfing with his friends than hangin' out with his little bro. Good thing Clancy has Julius to guide him through life's ups and downs! If Julius is the kite flying free in the wind, Clancy is the string keeping him from flying away.

mika cat

Mika Cat lives in a cozy little apartment above a sushi restaurant with her best friend William the Mouse. Together they harmonize and share a love of music. When she's not enjoying long, cozy naps on a fresh laundry pile, Mika Cat loves to dip her paw in the fish bowl. She dines on only the freshest of sushi rolls...this ain't no alley cat!


In an age of e-commerce and big business Plaidipus is keepin' it real with his old school approach to sales! Clad in plaid matching pant suits, Plaidipus and his friend Leon the Chameleon are door-to-door salesmen and at any given moment they could be selling you the latest and greatest vacuum or the finest volume of encyclopedias. His business card reads "yesterday's solutions' for today's problems."

sam the grub

The smart one. Sam lives in an apple cabin. His appetite for apples is only second to his hunger for knowledge. He lives by the idea of good nutrition and frugal living and he teaches his friends these important lessons. His favorite possession is his hat, which helps harvest his ideas!

tyrone the bat

Our refined and well-educated "Count" is happy as a clam as long as he has his bottle of ketchup in hand. He lives in a haunted mansion where he works in his laboratory developing new magic tricks and creating the world's most powerful sunscreen, SPF 5000.

bob the brace face dog

Bob the Brace Face Dog is a lovable, loud-mouthed goofball. He shows his affection through noogies, wedgies and wet willies. The merry prankster of the group, he's the guy who'll always be good for a laugh. He's known as "The Grillmaster General" - always cooking with gas, if you know what we mean.